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Left is Whiting's Smoky Debonair (Foxton Debonaire X Foxton Fawn), 2000 silver gelding, owned by Carroll Whiting of Blue Rapids KS, and on the right is his full sister Whiting's Fancy Star, f. 1999, now owned by Joyce Urroz. Photo in 2000, courtesy of Mr. Carroll Whiting.

Here is another picture of Whiting's Fancy Star (Foxton Debonair X Foxton Fawn), 1999 silver mare. You can see how much darker she is in her non-sunbleached winter coat here. She was a coming two year old in this picture, and you can see a yearling picture of her in her summer coat on the Morgan Colors website. Photo courtesy of her owner Joyce Urroz.

Whiting's Bright Star (Foxton Blackjack X Foxton Fawn), 1998 silver dapple mare owned by Karlene Gose of Inyan Kara Morgans. This mare's mane and tail have darkened considerably as she has aged; as a weanling she looked much like her half sister Fancy pictured above. Age-darkened silvers generally do retain a bit of silver hair in the forelock, on the ends of the mane, and tailhead; otherwise, they may look very much like a dark chestnut or sun faded black. First photo courtesy of Shery Jesperson; second photo courtesy Janine Welsh.

Inyan Silver Sage (Hmstd Rum Runner X Whitings Bright Star), 2006 buckskin silver stallion (deceased) owned by Karleen Gose of Inyan Kara Morgans. Sage's points show how the silver gene acts on what would otherwise be the black points of a buckskin- the chocolate leg coloring and silvery mane and tail can be clearly seen. This colt's buckskin-only half siblings, shown in the foal pictures with him, provide a contrast with their undiluted points. As an adult (bottom right) however, Sage has darkened so much on his points as to look, essentially, non silver. The cause of this is unknown, but it seems to happen with some silver + cream dilutes. Foal photos courtesy of Shery Jesperson, adult photo courtesy of Karleen Gose.

Another silver dapple offspring of Foxton Fawn is S Bar B Blacksaddle Chester, sired by H-Saracen (smoky black). Chester, foaled in 1994, sired just two foals before he was gelded- a bay mare and the silver stallion pictured next.

Zeulner's Sunka Wakan (S Bar B Blacksaddle Chester X Zeulner's Marvelous Melody), 1998 bay silver stallion, owned by Carrie Duff. Sunka was the first officially confirmed silver dapple Morgan via the Red Factor test. He has also produced a bay foal when bred to a chestnut mare, which is another way to prove (as chestnut to chestnut always produces chestnut) that he is not chestnut, but a bay/black based silver.

Zeulner's Last Hurrah (Zeulner's Sunka Wakan X Renwood Lila B) 2008 chestnut (tested to be carrying silver) gelding. Photo courtesy of Carol Dombrowsky.

Zeulner's Marvelous Robert (Zeulner's Sunka Wakan X Zeulner's Marvelous Melody), 2001 chestnut (carrying silver) gelding, owned by Catherine Sampson. Robert was the first chestnut Morgan to be identified as carrying silver via the new (October 2006) silver dapple test. Photo courtesy of Bobbie Zeulner.

Left: 2009 bay silver colt (Zeulner's Marvelous Robert X JMF Neon Angel), owned by Julie Hambrook of Dawson Creek, BC, Canada. Right: The late Mia-Mar Aurora Bobealis (Zeulner's Marvelous Robert X EDS Aletta), 2009 bay silver colt owned by Mia-Mar Morgans.

Anfarra Tehya (Zeulner's Marvelous Robert x WCG's Bok Sun), 2011 chestnut (carrying silver) filly owned by Anfarra Morgans. "Sunny" tested to be homozygous for silver, making her the first known homozygous silver in the breed.

Mia-Mar Tama (Zeulner's Marvelous Robert x Small Acres Rendezvous), 2011 chestnut (tested to carry silver) filly bred by Mia-Mar Morgans.

Mia-Mar Sabian (Zeulner's Marvelous Robert x E D S Aleta), 2011 chestnut (tested to carry silver) colt owned by Snowdancers Morgans.

Mia-Mar Zildjian (Zeulner's Marvelous Robert x Small Acres Jezebel), a 2011 brown silver colt bred by Mia-Mar Morgans.

Mia-Mar Elvira (Mia-Mar Aurora Bobealis x THMF Anastasia), 2014 brown silver filly owned by Mia-Mar Morgans.

Mia-Mar Atomic Charge (Mia-Mar Zildjian x Chargers Wicked Angel) chestnut (carrying silver) colt owned by Mia-Mar Morgans.

Zeulner's Linda Lee (Zeulner's Marvelous Robert X Zeulner's Marvelous Ruth), 2005 chestnut (carrying silver) mare owned by Anfarra Morgans. Linda Lee was the second chestnut Morgan proven to carry the silver gene via the silver dapple test. Pictured here as a yearling. Photo courtesy of Bobbie Zeulner.

Anfarra Carrera (Anfarra Que Barbaro x Zeulner's Linda Lee), 2010 chestnut (carrying silver) filly (possibly also splash or splash + sabino) owned by Angie Nadon, Anfarra Morgans. Carrera is for sale, contact Angie through her website for more information.

The late Zeulner's Silver Legacy (Zeulner's Sunka Wakan X Oregon N Blksaddle Ecstacy), 2005 black silver (tested homozygous black) stallion owned by Sterling Morgan Horses of AZ. Left: Inset photo shows Silver at a few days of age; larger photo as a weanling. Photo courtesy of Bobbie Zeulner. Right: Legacy in September 2009 with his black silver daughter Filigree in Sterling. Photo courtesy of Linda Sterling.

Linda Sterling of Sterling Morgans had a banner year in 2008 for producing silvers, with three silver fillies! All are by Zeulner's Silver Legacy and include (left) black silver (homozygous for black) Whambition in Sterling (X RHF Vera); (right) the late Silverella Sterling, black silver, (X HG Paris Hilton) and (above) Attitude in Sterling (raf) (X Dreamwood Vidalia), a dark bay or brown based silver filly.

2009 silvers by Zeulner's Silver Legacy-, L-R: Flightime in Sterling, bay silver filly out of Dawnwind's Alas. Polished Sterling Silver (Zeulner's Silver Legacy X Glick's LST Becky), 2009 black silver filly bred by Sterling Morgans. Now owned by Mountain Home Morgans.

More of Zeulner's Silver Legacy's 2009 silver crop, L-R: Filigree in Sterling, black silver filly out of MLF Emotion;  Obsidian Fire in Sterling, by Zeulner's Silver Legacy and out of HG Paris Hilton. Owned by Nichole Cooke, bred by Sterling Morgans. Legacy has an incredible 7 silver fillies to his credit, making a valuable contribution to the silver population in his too-short lifetime.

LM Sterling Shining Knight, 2010 black silver colt. This beautiful colt was an answer to a prayer for owner Linda Sterling, after she lost his sire Zeulner's Silver Legacy in December 2009. His dam is Glick's LST Becky. Now owned by Arika Eggleston.

2016 black silver filly by KTM Shadowflax out of Silvershoe Shyanne. Owned by Jared Young, Highland, UT. Photo courtesy of Vali Suddarth.

KDA Lyrical, 2016 black silver filly by LM Sterling Shining Knight x EMR Symphony, owned by Arika Eggleston, KDA Morgans.

MHB Lady Sterling Dove, 2016 black silver filly (LMSterling Shining Knight x Lady Dun D Duchess) owned by Alexis Pappas-Rushing.

LM Sterlings Mojo 2014 black silver colt (LM Sterling Shining Knight x MLF Emotion) owned by Mountain Home Morgans.

2014 black silver colt, Quintessential LMSterling (LMSterling Shining Knight X HG Paris Hilton).

Coulee Bend Tapestry (JKM Platnum Blue X Polished Sterling Silver), 2014 buckskin silver filly owned by Coulee Bend Morgans.

Coulee Bend Utopia (JKM Platnum Blue X Polished Sterling Silver), 2015 smoky black silver filly owned by Elke Mattevi-Muller.

Schaenzer's Silver Eagle (Zeulner's Sunka Wakan X Granaway Bonne Amie), 2004 dark bay/brown silver dapple stallion owned by Ken Thomas of Thomas Morgans, pictured in the first photo as a newborn and in the second as a yearling. Photos courtesy of Suzanna Schaenzer.

Schaenzer's Red Baron (Schaenzer's Silver Eagle X Mary Mel's The Black Widow), 2008 chestnut gelding, tested by UC Davis to be carrying the silver gene. Photo courtesy of Susanna Schaenzer.

Schaenzer's Silver Lining (KTM Shadowflax x Alpinemist Blessing), 2012 grulla silver Morgan colt bred by Rainbow's Gait Ranch. "Linus" is the first dun + silver Morgan in the breed. You can see more pictures of him on the Morgan Colors silver page. Now owned by Inge Schicker of Germany.

Schaenzer's Silver Fox (KTM Shadowflax x KTM Gold Mist), 2012 black silver colt. Photo courtesy Susanna Schaenzer.

Anfarra ? (KTM Shadowflax x Dia H Snow Goose), 2012 black silver filly owned by Anfarra Morgans.

In 2009, Ken Thomas had a veritable explosion of silver at his ranch in Utah, courtesy of Schaenzer's Silver Eagle! Here (left) is KTM Silver Belle, a black silver filly (Schaenzer's Silver Eagle X KTM Rio Belle), and KTM Shadowflax, a black silver colt (Schaenzer's Silver Eagle X KTM Shadow Dancer), who tested homozygous for black.

Left,  another 2009 black silver filly, KTM Silver Shade (Schaenzer's Silver Eagle X KTM Shadow Hawk) owned by Ken Thomas, Thomas Morgans. Right, brown silver filly KTM Summer Cimarron (Schaenzer's Silver Eagle X KTM Summer Walker) owned by Ken Thomas, Thomas Morgans, Richfield UT.

KTM Silver Dollar (Schaenzer's Silver Eagle x KTM Rio Belle), 2012 brown silver bred by Thomas Morgans.

KTM Silver Eagle Feather (Schaenzer's Silver Eagle x KTM Mosette), 2012 brown silver bred by Thomas Morgans.

Schaenzer's Silver Triumph (KTM Shadowflax x Mary Mels The Black Widow) black silver dapple colt foaled 4/9/2013. Pictured at 4 months. Bred by Sue Schaenzer, Rainbows Gait Ranch.

Unnamed filly (Amberfields Revere of Anfarra x Zeulner's Linda Lee), 2013 chestnut (carrying silver) filly owned by Anfarra Morgans. For sale.

The Crimson Jack line of silver Morgans

Crimson Jack (Cloverlane Andrew X Donnie's Lass), 1975 chestnut (carrying silver) stallion. Unfortunately this stallion had only seven offspring, including the dam of Amanda's Suzie Q (pictured below), Taha Holly Q. There may still be more silver dapple or chestnut (carrying silver) offspring from this line (or closely related individuals from his chestnut carrying silver dam, Donnie's Lass), out there! Color photo courtesy of Barbara Fogel.

The chestnut (carrying silver) mare Taha Holly Q (Crimson Jack x Q Tawny), f. 1980, with her 1987 chestnut (carrying silver) filly, Spihos Grace.  Photo courtesy of Barbara Fogel.

Amanda's Suzie Q (Devan King X Taha Holly Q), 1994 chestnut mare owned by Tamara Dirrim of Hamilton, Indiana. Suzie has the silver dapple gene, but it does not show on her because being chestnut, she has no black hair to dilute. Pictured with Suzie is her 1998 bay silver Morab filly by Blu Teal, Tamar's Silk N Satin. In 2004, Suzie produced a dark bay/brown silver colt (by the black Morgan stallion, Carbide Smoke), TMV Silver Hawk, who is pictured below. To see more of Suzie and her silver dapple offspring, visit Tamars Ventures Arabians and Morabs. The silver dapple gene is coming through Suzie's dam Taha Holly Q (chestnut, carrying silver) by Crimson Jack (chestnut, carrying silver) who is out of Donnie's Lass (chestnut, carrying silver) and follows back in tail female through several more generations of chestnuts to the mare Dan's Baby, by Dan. Photo courtesy of Tam Dirrim.

TMV Silver Hawk (Carbide Smoke X Amanda's Suzie Q), 2004 bay silver dapple stallion owned by Tamara Dirrim, Tamars Ventures Arabians and Morabs. Pictured left in winter coat as a coming yearling, and on the right in May 2005. Photos courtesy of Tam Dirrim.

TMV Arianna Summer Rayne, 2011 brown silver filly (TMV Silver Hawk x Amanda's Suzie Q) owned by Tamara Dirrim, Tamars Ventures.

TMV Taylor Made (Finally's Mr. Andy X Amanda's Suzy Q), 2007 buckskin silver stallion owned by Tamara Dirrim, Tamars Ventures Arabians and Morabs. Foal photo courtesy of Tamara Dirrim; adult photo by Laura Behning.

Spihos Grace (Sanam Mi Solo Dream X Taha Holly Q), 1987 chestnut (carrying silver) mare owned by Dwight and Yolanda Williams, pictured as a yearling. Grace's dam is also the dam of Amanda's Suzy Q.

I had wondered about this mare ever since I found this b/w picture of her in an old CLASSIC MORGAN ADMIRERS. When a daughter of Grace, WCG's Bok Sun, came up for sale on one of the online sales sites in November 2008, I posted the link to the Morgan Colors group, knowing the mare might be carrying silver. Judy Hinman of Amberfields Morgans bought Bok Sun and had her tested and sure enough she is carrying silver! We know her dam Grace is the source of her silver gene. Of Grace's 6 foals, so far two others, WCG's Little Sue (has a 2009 filly who tested positive for silver) and WCG's Mischief (tested to be carrying silver), are also silvers. This was quite a find and the first discovery of a significant group of silver Morgans in several years!

Color photo courtesy of Barbara Fogel.

WCG's Bok Sun (WCG's Little Caballo X Spihos Grace), 2000 palomino (carrying silver) mare now owned by Anfarra Morgans.

Left: WCG's Little Sue (J Wakan Lightning Strikes X Spihos Grace), 1996 chestnut (carrying silver) mare owned by Dwight and Yolanda Williams, PA. Right: WCG's Mischief (WCG's Little Caballo X Spihos Grace), 2007 chestnut (carrying silver) mare and WCG's Hidden Treasure (raf) (WCG's Little Caballo X WCG's Little Sue), 2009 palomino (carrying silver) owned by Dwight and Yolanda Williams, PA. Photos Courtesy of Tori Wilfred.

Aikane's Silver Halo (Aikanne's Silverdappleencor x Flighttime in Sterling), 2014 bay silver filly (tested  EE AA ZZ) owned by Shellie and McKenna McWhorter. This filly brings together the two families of silver Morgans.
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